SharePoint 2007 User Experience

Content/DAM & Workflow Guru Jennifer Neumann has concluded her 6-part series on MOSS 2007 with an in depth article on SharePoint and the user experience - pointing out the good, the bad and the ugly - but also the good and the better to come! The article covers scenarios involving SharePoint Designer, ASP.Net AJAX, MS Expression, Silverlight, as well as usability and accessibility in general.
Read the entire article "User Experience - stay tuned!" here.


New Software for Sharepoint

The best proof that SharePoint is gaining momentum is the fact that vendors are developing add-ons and software to enhance MOSS 2007. Here some recent developments:
- Vamosa launches free content analysis and migration software for SharePoint
- IBM OEMs New Data Protection for SharePoint
- Mondosoft Releases Ontolica Search for Microsoft's MOSS 2007
- SAP sings Duet with Microsoft


Metadata and Version Control

Final Candidate's Jennifer Neumann has published a new article: How SharePoint makes sense for Work in Progress.
The essay gives a realistic overview on how SharePoint deals with metadata and version control.
Click here to read the article.

Do you need Web 2.0 Content Management?

Seth Gottlieb & Brice Dunwoodie have started "a three-part series that addresses content management technologies in the context of a Web 2.0 world."
As organizations are increasingly told they should implement a Web 2.0 compliant CMS this should be a good read to find out whether its hype or a true improvement. Read Part 1 here at CMS Wire.


SharePoint Feedback from Users Part 1

Every now and then we'll post some user experiences we find on the Web. There are so many blogs out there dealing with SharePoint, it seems the community is growing real fast.
Here's some thoughts by Brad, who might not be the biggest Microsoft fan, but surely thinks that SharePoint is magic.
Don't believe the hype- but believe the users!

Salesforce goes Content

What to me used to be all numbers will now enter the content market... Salesforce has bought Koral and will probably become a major content management player. You can read the Salesforce goes CM news here.
Apex is the buzzword in this announcement that got our attention - something that the Final Candidate is also currently exploring and hopes to leverage for the benefit of our customers.


How to make workflow really work

Analyst Kyle McNabb from Forrester Research gives some great insight and advice on how to help improve business user participation in content management processes in this article in Express Computer online .
And it's high time that somebody spells it out: "Keep workflows simple" and "WCM workflows need to first focus on complementing, not changing, how business users currently author content."
This is along the lines of what The Final Candidate is aiming to achieve with the solutions around MOSS/SharePoint, and being a content worker myself I can only applaud the simplicity approach... the days of hailing solutions that force us to learn a new app, new so called "sophisticated" features and new add-ons every other month might soon be history. Presently most of us give up and bypass the complicated systems (we simply don't have the time or nerve to learn new procedures that soon will prove to be inefficient), understandably aggravating management who spent a lot of time and money on the hyped solutions. Taking the work out of workflow and putting the flow back in is the way to go!


SharePoint the next big OS?

ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley has an excellent Microsoft blog. In todays post
she reflects on whether SharePoint Server will be the new, must-have platform for its business users:

SharePoint: The next big ‘operating system’ from Microsoft? -- Could SharePoint Server become the new center of Microsoft's universe (at least among business users)? SharePoint as an operating system in and of itself? These ideas aren't as crazy as they might sound.


MOSS Licensing and Configuration

John Stover's MS blog offers a detailed description on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Licensing and Configuration Scenarios


SharePoint 2007 Pricing

People have been asking about the prices for SharePoint 2007 products - not easy to find on the Office Site, but search no more, here's the link.